How to find the stalkers on Instagram

How to find the stalkers on Instagram?


Most people don’t appreciate stalkers because they believe they are violating their privacy, no matter in social media or real life. But sometimes it’s worse in social media because you don’t know them and you can’t actually see them. There may be some people on Instagram who are secretly following your page too and it’s reasonable if you want to recognize them or even stop them. In this article, we are going to talk about Instagram stalkers, finding them, and how to stop them. So, if you are suspicious of having stalkers, keep reading!

What Are Instagram Stalkers?

Instagram stalkers are the accounts that do not follow you but keep checking you. Usually, they neither like your posts nor write a comment. Some of them may just do this out of curiosity but some others may not have a pleasant goal in their mind. That’s why many people don’t appreciate this act.

On Instagram, there may be many people who stalk on public accounts but it’s not a problem for private accounts since they need the permission of the account’s owner to see the content on the page. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the public accounts’ stalkers.

Can We Find Our Instagram Stalkers?

Instagram keeps track of people who visit your profile, your posts, and stories. But, it is too strict about user privacy and it doesn’t reveal this information with any applications or users. In the personal account, the only information that you have access to is the people who liked your posts or viewed your stories. However, business accounts are a little different than personal ones.

For business accounts, Instagram gives you more statistics about your page to help you grow your page by knowing your audience better. These statistics are more general and include the number of your profile visits, your page’s impressions, and details about your audience such as their gender or the time that most of them are online.

But even this information can not help you in finding the people who are stalking on you. You can’t notice them as long as they don’t like your posts, view your stories or write comments under your posts.

Are There Any Third-party Apps To Find Instagram Stalkers?

When you surf on google for Instagram stalkers, you can find many applications that claim to help you in finding the stalkers of your account. But do they really work? Unfortunately, the answer is NO! As we mentioned before, Instagram doesn’t share its information with any application because of protecting its users’ privacy.

Instagram stalkers apps

So what do these apps do?! Having a look at users’ reviews about these apps, you will understand that all they do is showing you a random profile and it doesn’t have anything to do with your profile views or stalking on it. Also, Instagram doesn’t approve of any of these applications. Moreover, you should keep in mind that by using these apps, you give them access to your account which may end in using your account information for other purposes. So, don’t put your account at risk over anything!

Can We Have Any Clue About the Stalkers?

Instagram doesn’t give you direct information about the stalkers but there is a way that gives you a clue. As we said before, you can see a list of people who viewed your stories.

Instagram story

The order of this list is the clue that we are talking about. Although Instagram has never confirmed, experience shows that you see the accounts that you have the most contact with them on top of the list. By contact, we mean both you following on their page and they following on yours. So, if you find an account on top of the list that you don’t know or you have no contact with it, it’s likely to be a stalker!

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Are There Any Solutions To Get Rid Of The Stalkers?

Actually, there isn’t much you can do the Instagram stalkers unless they do something that you can pursue legally. You can’t even notice them until they view your stories or write a comment. I know it’s disturbing but it’s kind of the price you pay for having public accounts on social media.

The only option you have is to make your private. This way, anyone who wants to see your posts and stories needs your permission. In the private accounts, you have full control over the people who are following and it lowers the chances of stalking on your page.

All In All…

To wrap it up, it’s hard to notice the Instagram stalkers, and even when you know them, there isn’t much you can do unless they do an illegal thing that you can pursue. If they don’t write a comment or view your stories, you will be in dark and won’t have any clue about them. But if they view your stories, there is a chance that you notice them by the story views list. The only way that you have to control these stalkers is to make your account private and manage your followers.

However, it seems that Instagram is planning to help you with this problem soon. They are working on a feature to inform you whenever someone takes a screenshot of your stories which can help you in noticing the stalkers.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any other ideas about how you can notice the Instagram stalkers, please share them with us in the comments.

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