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2 Killer Tips To IGTV Monetization In 2021

Did you know that ads for IGTV monetization have been enabled for creators?

IGTV is a great platform for creators to create their own personal channels on Instagram and make videos. But not very long ago, they had to do that for free (aside from affiliate marketing.) This is while YouTube offers a full package for monetization. So that had led Instagram to step up its game for creators.

Are you a creator and have not made money from IGTV ads? Read this article to learn all about this feature.

How To Sign Up For IGTV Monetization?

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Go to “Setting.”
  • When the message “Earn Money On IGTV” appeared, tap on “Get Started”
  • Enter your “Country” and the “Type Of Your Business”
  • Enter Your Info
  • Enter Your Payout Method
  • Turn On Ads
Sign up IGTV monetization

Sign up IGTV monetization

Why Can’t I Sign Up For IGTV Monetization?

  • You have less than 10K followers
  • You have less than 30,000 one-minute views in the past two months
  • You don’t meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards

How Will IGTV Ad Appear?

After users intend to watch your IGTV full-screen, the Ad will appear, and at tops, it lasts 15 seconds. Users can not skip the ad (yet), and they can tap through the ads (unlike stories that users have to swipe up)

You have the IGTV monetization for yourself now. Does it mean you’re immediately going to make money? Most probably not unless you are a very famous influencer with lots of fans. So to be able to make money out of IGTV ads, read the following title.

2 Important Tips To IGTV Monetization

If you are eligible for this feature, it means the quality of your content is good enough. However, being eligible is far from monetizing IGTV. There are two tips that increase your chance of making money from Instagram TV ads.

Increase Your Followers

To be eligible for IGTV monetization, you should have at least 10K followers. But we at AiSchedul have not seen any user with less than 100K followers who could monetize IGTV. 

It takes whole another article to talk about the ways you can increase your followers, which you know many of them already. So find new ways to get more Instagram followers and get even more followers.

Schedule Your IGTV

If you are a comedian or you educate users on Instagram, it is important that your followers expect you, and for that to happen, you should be organized and consistent. In other words, you should be using an Instagram scheduler.

Not many Instagram schedulers are capable of scheduling IGTV, but AiSchedul does.

  1. To schedule your IGTV, after you signed up for free, you hit the “Manage Account” button on your dashboard. 
Dashboard of AiSchedul

Dashboard of AiSchedul

2. Later, on the Scheduling tab, click “Schedule” and select “IGTV”.

AiSchedul Dashboard

Select IGTV

3. Now upload your IGTV and enter the title and description. Don’t forget to hit the preview.

dashboard of AiSchedul to IGTV monetization

Upload the content and Post A Preview

4. At last, you can choose the date or time to schedule your IGTV or publish it right after uploading the video.

IGTV scheduler



One merit of AiSchedul is that you can upload the monetized videos of YouTube by only pasting the link.

On your dashboard, instead of uploading the video, paste the Youtube link in “Convert Youtube”

YouTube to Instagram

Paste the YouTube link and in a second, it is uploaded as a video

Then by default, the title and description will be filled accordingly. However, you can edit them.

IGTV scheduler of AiSchedul

Title and description by default

You can also find the top hashtags and schedule the video as covered before.

Another good feature of AiSchedul is its powerful hashtag generator. Within your tool, you can pick hashtags based on the volume of search.

Why Should You Sign Up To AiSchedul?

  •  AiSchedul is capable of scheduling any type of content; posts, carousel, story, IGTV, etc.
  • You can take advantage of the other built-in app features such as hashtag generator, giveaway app, listening tool, editing tool, etc.
  • And above all, it is forever free. So why not sign up for it?

If you are worried about whether or not AiSchedul is compatible with your device, easy. It is a web-based tool, and you can work with it via any device. However, the app version of it is available. Download it from Play Store.


AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul is free forever but offers two affordable paid plans at $7 and $23 per month for those who seek more out of  Instagram. 

AiSchedul pricing

Hear Me Out

Instagram gives away 55% of the revenue to creators on Instagram who have enabled IGTV monetization. If you are an Instagram creator, greet this new feature and embrace it as a passive income.

After you enabled the ad IGTV, make sure you increase your chance of earning money. To do so, you need to increase followers and be consistent.

AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler that schedules stories and IGTV. Sign up now.

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