How To Avoid Instagram Compressi

How To Upload High-Quality Photos On Instagram Without Compression

Visual social media platforms have the greatest capacity for photographers to show off their visions. According to statics, over 95 million photos are upload on Instagram daily. However, the process of uploading photos can end up in an Instagram quality loss, and the photos go live blurrily, which can be frustrating. The same goes for Instagram HD videos. Therefore, here is the question. Can Instagram upload quality content? If Yes, how to avoid Instagram compression?

Why Does Instagram Quality Loss Happen?

Instagram purposefully resizes photos based on certain dimensions so that they fit its standards! That is the main reason why Instagram quality loss happens.

How To Avoid Instagram Compression?

Although Instagram compression sounds unavoidable, there are ways you do to make Instagram upload quality photos. Here are some tips to avoid Instagram compression.

Publish From Computer To Avoid Instagram Compression

As a photographer or someone who spends time editing a photo, you should know that transferring photos from PC to cellphone reduces the quality in particular. Thus, the first step is to publish photos from the computer.

AiSchedul is a good forever-free Instagram video scheduler to do that. After editing your video or photo on the computer you can publish your content right there.

  • To begin with, Sign up to AiSchedul 
  • Then link your Instagram to it
  • Further, select the scheduling tab
  • Now upload your content
  • Later type your caption
  • Afterward, find the adequate hashtags.
  • Lastly, publish the post on the story as well for more exposure, and schedule it.
AiSchedul Dashboard

AiSchedul Dashboard

But if you are reluctant to use AiSchedul for any reason and want to transfer the photo from PC to cellphone, do it right so that it does not get compressed. Here is how you should transfer your image based on the kind of cellphones and PCs.

WindowsAndroidUSB cable

Fit Into Instagram’s Standards

Upload photos with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 and maximum width of 1080 pixels and a minimum width of 320 pixels. Therefore resize your photos before publishing them. If you step out of Instagram’s standards, Instagram forcefully reduces the quality, and the outcome will no be flattering!

Note that photos under 320 pixels get enlarged and end up in Instagram quality loss! 

Use The Most Recent Version Of Instagram

Instagram keeps updating itself to eliminate bugs, including Instagram quality loss. Then make sure you update your app to improve Instagram upload quality. 

How To Upload Instagram HD Videos With High-Quality?

It has been proved that videos are more likely to get engagement and appear on the explore page. However, Instagram compression is not only applied to photos. Often videos get compressed, and as the result, these videos do not get noticed enough no matter how much time and effort you have put into them!

But how to avoid Instagram compression and upload Instagram HD videos?

Let me say that point-blank! You can not upload Instagram HD videos without facing Instagram compression (yet.) You should be following the given guidelines for videos, or you face Instagram compression.

The kind of Instagram video contentDurationFormatAspect ratio Frame rateResolutionMaximum file size
IGTV Up to ten minutesMP416:9 or 9:16Minimum 30FPSMinimum 720P650MB 
Post video Up to one minuteMP4 or MOV1:91:1, 1:1, or 4:5 Maximum 30FPSMaximum 1080P4GB
Story Video Up to 15 secondsMP4 or MOV9:16Minimum 30FPS4GB

In case your IGTV duration is between 10 to 60 minutes, the file size can not exceed 3.6GB. It goes without saying that your account needs to be verified to upload videos more than 10 minutes to IGTV.

Once again, the quality of the video will be distorted if you transfer it from PC to computer. Either use the adequate transfer or use AiSchedul. Using this tool, you can upload videos to post, stories, and also IGTV.

AiSchedul allows you to schedule IGTV as well

Select IGTV and schedule it

Earlier I said, AiSchedul is a forever free Instagram management tool that lets you upload any high-quality content via any device. However, this platform suggests paid plans for those who seek more!

These plans start at an affordable price of $19 and end at49$.

Price of AiSchedul: free, $19, and $49

AiSchedul Plans and Pricings

Final Thought

In brief, photographers and film editors have been struggling with quality distortion on the platform’s behalf, and they wonder how to avoid Instagram compression.

For this purpose, you need to fit in Instagram standards. Moreover, you should be aware that transferring videos and photos to a cellphone compresses the content.

Hence working with transfers might not be convenient, I suggest uploading via AiSchedul. This platform does not compress your feed, yet it comes with multiple advantages such as scheduler, hashtag research tools, etc., and it is absolutely free.

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