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How To Archive Instagram Posts?+Mass Deleting posts

How to archive Instagram posts?

Have you seen the first published photo on Instagram?

Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, published the first photo on Instagram and captioned it “Test.” Later he claimed, “Had I known it was going to be the first photo on Instagram I would have tried a bit harder,”

I assume we all have been there when we published a photo on Instagram that deserved more effort to be shared with the world, yet it carries a very favorable memory within itself that stops you from deleting the post. 

Or maybe a post that failed to get Instagram engagement, but you refuse to delete it for some reason!

Well, Instagram launched the “Archive” feature in 2017 to resolve this issue.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

If you archive Instagram posts of yours, you hide them from followers. Why not delete them? Because they might not go with the Instagram aesthetics of your whole profile or ruins your IG grid but it reminds you of a precious moment of your life that you want to keep. Because to all of us, deleting sounds like a one-way street, and you must undergo some conditions to be able to recover deleted Instagram posts, if ever.

What Happens When You Archive A Post On Instagram?

When you archive a post, the post immediately disappears from your profile and goes alongside its likes and comments to the archive file with an encircled clock icon where only you can access it. 

icon of "Archive Instagram posts"

How To Archive Instagram Posts?

It is all very simple. First off, go to the post you want to archive on Instagram and tap on the three dots on the top right of your photo. Then select “Archive”

tap the three dots top-right the post & select Archive

How to archive Instagram posts?

There it is. Now the post is hidden in a file that only you access. 

The Instagram archive file with an archived post in it

The archived post remains there until you delete or unarchive it. 

How To Unarchive A Post On Instagram?

You feel like bring it back on the profile? You can unarchive it. On Setting, select “Archive and then “Instagram posts. From there, tap on the three dots, and select “Show On Profile”

profile>Setting>Posts Archive>Show on profile

How to archive posts on Instagram?

Once you select that, the post will go back to your profile exactly where it was based on its chronological location.

How To Mass Delete Instagram Posts?

Users archive some of their content on Instagram because they did not come to this conclusion on whether or not to delete these posts. But after a month or two, when they consider deleting the posts with a clear fresh mind, they decide to delete it for good. Because those content do not favor the taste of the audience or they are irrelevant. Deleting one post or two is no big deal, but if you decide to delete numerous posts, that could take quite some time. For this reason, we encourage you to use a free tool to mass delete. 

Use AiSchedul To Mass Delete Instagram Posts
AiSchedul logo

AiSchedul logo

AiSchedul is a free Instagram management tool that allows you to schedule Instagram posts, stories, IGTV at no cost, and delete irrelevant posts with only two clicks. Since we are on that subject, let’s see how you can work with it to mass delete posts on Instagram.

To start with, sign up for it for free and then add your account(s) to it.

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Then on your dashboard, click “Manage Account”

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Find the “Bulk Post Delete” and click on it.

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Here select the posts you want to delete for good. If you mean to delete all your posts, click “Select all posts” and then press “Delete selected posts”

Select all posts>deleted the selected posts


Most users of AiSchedul manage their IGs on PC. That is why we started with it, but the AiSchedul app is available on the Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul on Play Store

To begin with, download AiSchedul on Play Store, install, and sign up for it. 

Sign up page of AiSchedul

AiSchedul app

Then add your Instagram to it and hit the “Manage Account”

Select manage account

AiSchedul app

After that, open the “Delete” tab. Now, tap the blue button that says “Select All Posts” and then “Delete Selected Posts”

select the posts you want to delete and tap on red button

AiSchedul app

That is how you can mass-delete your Instagram posts. Don’t worry; if you ever regret it, you can recover it again.

What Instagram Posts You Should Archive?

Some Instagram posts are informative and add value to your page. On the other hand, some posts only serve you temporarily or fail to survey you at all. Like what? Let’s see!

Irrelevant Posts

Many of us used Instagram to keep in touch with friends and families, but after learning about its potential, we switched it to business. But irrelevant and old remains there. You can either delete them or have them archived.

Posts With little Engagements

It takes some time till you get to know the taste of your audience. Meanwhile, you publish posts to your account which do not favor your audience based on the engagement it gets. Perhaps it is for the best of your reputation to archive these posts.

Instagram Giveaway Posts

Instagram giveaway posts tend to get 3 and 64 times more likes and comments, respectively, so they better not be deleted, but since they added value to your audience for a short time, they are better to be archived.


If you are using Instagram for business motives, there are times when you want to let users know of a new event, meeting, discount, or anything of that nature. These posts normally expire after a certain time. You can archive these posts as well.

In general, you can delete/archive the posts that would be expired after a certain time, or you can even schedule them for deletion. Wanna know how? Once again, AiSchedul is here to save the day.

How To Schedule Posts For Deletion?

On your dashboard, click on the “Schedule” button and select “Feed”

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Now, like the Instagram app, you can add multiple photos or videos on Instagram.

Dashboard of AiSchedul where you upload your feed 


After that, type your caption.

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Here click the pen and paper on the top-right of the box where it reads “My Hashtags” Click on it.

Dashboard of AiSchedul


Now you can find the most relatable hashtags to your niche. We noticed here that long-tailed hashtags overperform. So make sure you include some of those as well.

Add the location and share the post to the story to get higher engagement.

find location>post on Stories as well


At last, publish or schedule it for later. Here turn on the “Delete after a period of time as well.

And this is how it goes on the app. Tap on “Schedule” and pick “Feed”


AiSchedul app

Then upload your feed.

upload your feed

AiSchedul app

After you type your caption, tap on the “Pen & Paper” icon top-right of the “My Hashtag” box. Find your hashtags, and they will be saved there.

Compose caption>Find Hashtags

AiSchedul app

At last, add location and post it to the story as well and publish or schedule it for later. Before you close the tab, turn on “Delete Post After A Period Of Time”

Find Location>Post on Story as well>Post in future>Delete post after a period of time


Final Words

Instagram rolled out the “archive” feature to give users the option of hiding posts from users instead of deleting them. And of course, you can unarchive them to bring them back where they were.

Most users decide to delete archived posts after some time. However, if there are too many of them, you can use AiSchedul to mass-delete IG posts with 2 clicks for free. Sign up to AiSchedul for free.

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