Autogrammer vs. AiSchedul- Which tool is best to auto-post on Instagram?

Continuing with our series of comparing articles, today we want to consider Autogrammer. Autogrammer is a platform that lets you schedule your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts. On the other hand, AiSchedul is an Instagram management platform that lets you do much more than just post scheduling. But which one is better for your needs? In this article, we want to compare these two and choose the best one. 

Our comparison consists of the following sections:

  • Setup
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and support
  • Price
  • Conclusion


AiSchedul vs. Autogrammer- A comparison between two Instagram Schedulers 



To create an account on AiSchedul, follow the two steps below:

Step 1) Open the AiSchedul website and click on “Register Now”.

AiSchedul homepage

Step 2) Enter your name, email and a password and click on “Register now”.

AiSchedul signup

That’s it! You have signed up on AiSchedul successfully. 


To start working with Autogrammer, first, open the Autogrammer website and click on the “Start your free trial” button. 

Autogrammer homepage

Then, you have to enter your name and email and set a password. Now, click on “Submit”.

Autogrammer signup

Autogrammer sends a verification email to the email you have entered. Open the email on your inbox and click on the link they have sent. Finally, enter your email and password to log in to your account. 

Autogrammer sign in

Done! You have successfully registered on Autogrammer. 

Connecting your Instagram account(s)


AiSchedul is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there, and you can simply connect multiple Instagram accounts on this website. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1) On the dashboard, click on the “Add Instagram Account”.

AiSchedul add account

Step 2) On the following page, enter your Instagram username and click on “Next”.

AiSchedul add account

Step 3) Finally, enter your Instagram username and click on “Submit”.

AiSchedul add Instagram account

Done! Remember that you can add multiple accounts to your AiSchedul account using the same way. 


After taking the signup steps and logging into your account, you will be redirected to your Autogrammer dashboard. On the dashboard, click on the “Manage Accounts” tab. Then, click on “Add social media account”. 

Autogrammer add account

Now, choose Instagram and enter your login information and click on the “Add” button. 

Autogrammer add Instagram account

Finally, Autogrammer sends you an email to verify your Instagram account. Follow the instructions mentioned in the email and verify your Instagram account. 

Autogrammer add account

That’s it! Your Autogrammer pannel has been connected to Instagram successfully. 



Actually, AiSchedul is more than just a simple Instagram scheduler. It has so many features that help you manage everything more intellectually and get more attractions. AiSchedule features conclude:


  • Schedule posts
  • Schedule stories
  • Repost content
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Auto response to comments
  • Tag people and locations


All the features mentioned above, help you to become a professional Instagrammer. But how do the features work? To find out the answer, continue reading. 

Schedule Posts

To schedule posts on Instagram, open your dashboard and click on the “Manage account” button. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Now, select the “Schedule feed” tab on the menu bar on top of the screen. 

AiSchedul schedule posts

Then, upload your images. Note that you can upload up to 10 images. Moreover, you can tag people, crop and rotate the image. Then click on the “Save” button. Then, write your caption on the caption box below the image. 

AiSchedul schedule posts

Now, add locations and hashtags if you want. Then, set a date and time to schedule the post and if you want to share it at the moment, check the “Post immediately” checkbox. Finally, click on the “Schedule Post” button. 

AiSchedul schedule posts

After scheduling, you can see the scheduled images on your dashboard and delete or edit it before posting. Why do you need an Instagram post schedule? Click here to find the answer. 

AiSchedul schedule posts

Schedule Stories

On AiSchedul, you can schedule stories too. You may need to schedule for different reasons and it will help you with your time-saving considerations. To know more about story scheduling on Instagram, check this article

To schedule stories on AiSchedul, choose the “Schedule Story” on the dashboard. 

AiSchedul schedule stories

Then, upload the photo or video you want to share on your story and edit it using the tools on top of your story screen. Now, click on “Save”. 

AiSchedul schedule stories

Finally, set the date and time and click on the “Schedule Story” button. 

AiSchedul schedule stories

Done! Like the posts schedulings, you can delete and edit the scheduled stories from your dashboard.

To see the scheduler in action, watch the video below:


Another amazing feature of AiSchedul is reposting. Using this feature you can repost photos and videos on Instagram from other users and save times creating new posts and stories. 

AiSchedul lets you repost content using four different ways. You can search and repost photos and videos by HashTags, location, URL, and usernames. 

AiSchedul features

In the following, we describe each way by detail. Moreover, if you want to know more about reposting and reasons to do so, click here

  • HashTags

Instagram users can insert hashtags in comments or post captions in order to let other people find and view their posts by searching a keyword. On AiSchedul, you can search a hashtag you want and see the posts identified with that word. Then you can simply repost it by clicking on “Repost”.

AiSchedul repost by hashtags

  • Location

Another way to repost on AiSchedul is to find and repost photos or videos of a special location. By selecting the “Location” tab from the list above, and entering a specific location, you can view and repost content on Instagram. 

AiSchedul repost by location

  • URL

As you may know, Instagram lets users copy the share URL of public posts. If you have identified a photo or a video from a public account, simply copy its share URL and paste it to AiSchedul and repost it. 

AiSchedul repost by URL

  • Username

Finally, if you want to repost content from a specific Instagram page, you can enter the username on AiSchedul and view their posts to repost them easily. 

AiSchedul repost by username

Once you have chosen one of the ways described above, you can click on the “Repost” button below the content and share it on your Instagram account immediately or schedule it. 

The time you have signed up in AiSchedul, you can use all the features above and attract more people. 



Using Autogrammer you can:


  • Schedule posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Manage different social media accounts at a place
  • Bulk upload
  • See your tasks in a calendar view


Having all the features above, you can manage all your social accounts at a place and save a great deal of time. Moreover, you can easily schedule posts on different social media accounts and edit them in a professional way. 

To schedule posts on Instagram using Autogrammer, on the dashboard click on “Add Post”.

Autogrammer features

Then, upload images from your computer, edit the caption, set a date and time and click on the “Schedule” button. Note that all the accounts you have added are here, and you can choose the social account you want to share the content on by clicking on “Select Profiles”.

Autogrammer schedule posts

Maintenance and support


If you have any problems getting started with AiSchedul or face any issues, you may find a solution on the AiSchedul FAQ part. Also, you can find fruitful guides on the AiSchedul blog

AiSchedul FAQ

In case you didn’t find your problem on this part, you can contact the AiSchedul help center and solve all the issues and problems easily. 


Actually, there is no page named “FAQ” on Autogrammer’s website. However, they have a blog that introduces the features and lets people get familiar with the platform. In addition, when you are on the dashboard, you can see a message icon on the right side of your screen that lets you contact the Autogrammer help and support center to troubleshoot the issues you have using this platform. 

Autogrammer help and support



AiSchedul offers two different plans for users. In addition, it gives new users a 5-day free trial which is not limited at all and you can examine almost all the features to know the app better and decide whether you want to pay for it or not. 

AiSchedul price

One of the two plans offered by AiSchedul is always free but in this version, you can only access some of the features and you cannot enjoy the total ride of this application. Moreover, the other plan that gives complete access to features costs only 9$ per month which is economic in comparison to other apps.


There are four different plans offered by Autogrammer. Actually, all the plans offered by this website let you schedule unlimited posts, and the only difference between the plans is that using each one you can manage different numbers of social media accounts. 

Autogrammer price

As you can see in the image below, by paying 9.99$ per month, you can manage one Instagram account, 5 Facebook, and 5 Twitter account. But, if you pay 19$ per month, you can manage 2 Instagram accounts and 10 Facebook and Twitter accounts. Moreover, when you sign up on Autogrammer, you will get a 7-days free trial that lets you examine the platform and use the features for free. 


To sum it up, Autogrammer and AiSchedul are both good auto-post platforms that will help you with your time-saving considerations. Autogrammer is designed for scheduling posts on different social media websites, but it doesn’t let you schedule stories or repost on Instagram. However, AiSchedul has lots of features that let you manage your Instagram account intellectually, schedule stories, auto-response to comments, and repost content to save more time.  

Compare the features and pricing of these to auto-post tools and select the one that matches with your requirements.

To signup for free on AiSchedul and use it, click here

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