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How To Recover Expired Photos On Instagram In 2021?

Instagram launched a new feature that users can send a disappearing photo or video on the DM section, but once you open it, it expires, and you no longer can replay it. But what if you REALLY need to see it another time? How to see expired photos on Instagram?

How To See Expired Photos On Instagram?

This question can go both ways. It means when you send an expiring photo on Instagram or if you receive an expiring photo, you have difficulty accessing it. Want to know the answer? Stay tuned!

a girl thinking how to see expired photos on Instagram

How to see expired photos on Instagram on both sides?

How To See Expiring Photos On Instagram As The Receiver?

When the sender sends you an expiring photo on Instagram, there is an option down the screen that lets you view it just once or allows you to replay it.

bottom of IG camera with 3 buttoms; view once, allow replay, keep in chat

How to send an expiring photo on Instagram

If the sender pick “View Once,” there is nothing you can do about it. You can open and take the screenshot, but if you close the photo, you no longer can see it, and there is no way to recover it.

If the sender selects “Allow Replay” or “Keep In Chat,” you have access to it more than once. So you can easily recover it after it is played.

How To See Expiring Photos On Instagram As The Sender?

In case you select the expiring photo from the camera roll or gallery, you can recover the expiring photo from there. But if you take the capture the photo on the Instagram app, there is no way to recover it.

Can I Recover The Expiring Photos Using A Third-Party Tool?

Instagram launched this feature for very private photos. With that said, no third-party tools can recover expiring photos.

But there is an Instagram management tool named DMpro that lets you recover unsent DMs whether they are text, photos, or videos.

When you link your IG to AiSchedul, you receive all the DMs in your dashboard automatically. So if the sender unsends the DM or you delete it accidentally, it goes away in your app, but it is still available in your dashboard.

Dashboard of DMpro

You can even link your DMs to your email and send or receive DMs via your email

So although it can not recover expiring photos, it can recover any type of message that gets deleted or unsent.

For further information, read; Dm on Instagram on PC or Mac

Instagram management tool

AiSchedul is an all-in-one management tool with every feature you need to manage one or multiple Instagram accounts;

Among all the features of AiSchedul, the ability to share YouTube videos stands out. Because this is the feature no other scheduler enjoys.

On your AiSchedul dashboard, all you need to do is simply paste the Youtube link and schedule it.

the Youtube link is embedded and the video is upload afterwards

You embed the link and within spare of seconds, the Youtube video is uploaded on your dashboard on ready to be scheduled

AiSchedul is manageable on PC given the fact that it is a web-based tool. But its app is available on the Play Store. Download now.

AiSchedul App on play store

AiSchedul App on Play Store

Price Of AiSchedul

As said before, AiSchedul is free forever. However, it offers two paid plans at reasonable prices, $19 and $49.

AiSchedul pricing and packages

Over To You

Indeed, you can not recover the expiring photos. But from now on, make sure you capture screenshots for times you want to view it again.

You can also subscribe to AiSchedul for times when someone unsends a message. AiSchedul offers so many features, and it is absolutely free. Therefore what is the harm in subscribing to it?

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