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How To Use Instagram

7 Ways To Design Your Instagram Grid Like A Pro

Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, aesthetics plays a major role in making your account appealing. One of the ways you can work on Instagram aesthetics is by designing a grid. In the following, you will read about some unique ideas for the Instagram grid and introduce a free planner that helps you out.

Ideas To Design Your Instagram Grid

Some users consider the Instagram grid one full picture containing 9 posts that if your take out one, the grid becomes incomplete. That is true to a certain extent. But there is more to that. Here you are with 7 creative Instagram grids ideal for you to be inspired and rock your account. 

1. Follow A Color Theme

One of the most common ways to design an Instagram grid is to simply follow a color theme. The huge benefit of this IG grid is that by posting one photo, the whole grid will not become messy, and it is still eye-catching.

Here you can see some examples:

Pink Combo

Galaxy theme

2. Create Border For Each Post

The other idea to beautify your IG is to put a border around the pictures of your posts. The idea gives your account a very neat and clean look.

Black border for each post

White border

Black border

3. Design Your IG Every-Otherly

This type of Instagram grids makes your eye run through the whole account and makes it unique and beautiful.

Instagram grid

every other post is of one kind

4. Blend Colors Into Each Other

This idea is the least used idea among users because it is the hardest. If you can make such a theme, give it a try.

Blend colors into each other

5. Divide Posts With A Line

When users scroll down to your feed, seeing some dividing posts gives their brains a break. You may also use it creatively; it might also beautify your account.

Line in the middle of the grid

Line IG grid

6. Make A Puzzle

This IG grid is similar to a puzzle. In a puzzle, every piece is meaningless until they are placed together. Puzzle Instagram grid is one of the most common types of grids. If you see each post, they are meaningless till your followers open your profile to comprehend the whole grid.

puzzle grid

7. Diagonal Instagram Grid

This one is one of the rare ideas among users. Here are some examples;

How To Create One? Use An Instagram Grid Planner!

IG grid

By now, you know that you can not just go by your imagination to design an Instagram grid. You need a tool to design and preview the post you want to publish to reorder and design them like the photo above.

For that, you need an Instagram grid planner. The key factor in these planners is accuracy. If your planner does not publish your post accurately, the outcome won’t turn out desirable.

You can use AiSchedul which is trusted by many people around the world; it gets high reviews on Truspilot.com. 

High reviews of AiSchedul

The Grid Planner of AiSchedul

First, sign up to AiSchedul, which is a forever free Instagram grid planner. After that connect your IG to it. Be aware that you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on your dashboard.

Add account to AiSchedul

Then on your dashboard, select “Manage Account”

Manage Account

After that on the “Post & Scheduling” tab, open the click on the “Schedule” and select “Feed”

Select “Feed”

Then upload your content. You can add multiple photos to Instagram to make a carousel.

You can upload up to 10 feed

Type your caption.

Enter Caption

AiSchedul has a built-in hashtag generator. You can find the most relatable hashtags to your post with the highest volume of search.

Hashtag generator of AiSchedul

Afterward, include location to your post and add it to your story to get a higher reach. 

Make sure at the end you click on “Post In Future”

After having scheduled 9 posts, it is time to design your grid. On top, click “Grid preview.

Hit the Preview

Now you see how your grid will look once they are published.

IG grid

You do not like the look? You can shuffle the scheduled posts and reorder them. 

Make sure you watch this video.


It is easier to design Instagram grids on a PC; however, if you find cell phone apps more convenient, you can download AiSchedul from Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

As we said, AiSchedul is a forever Instagram grid planner, but if you want more features, you can subscribe to paid plans of AiSchedule at $7 and $23 per month.

Important Tip About Instagram Grid

Knowing what Instagram grid planner you should use, what idea you should apply? Is it a good idea to switch to all randomly?

We suggest you not. As an Instagram user who wants to become unique on Instagram, you should pick one and stick to it because professional Instagrammers leave their footprint in their posts.

Of course, you can try and error to see what works the most for you. However, once you find the working idea for your niche, improve and spice it up with your own creativity.

Hear Me Out

Work on your aesthetics on Instagram in a creative way. Here in this article, you read about 7 creative ideas that can inspire you to create a unique grid.

Your efforts will not end up desirably if you don’t use an Instagram grid planner. 

AiSchedul is an accurate planner that lets you see the preview of the scheduled posts. Sign up for free.

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