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How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts In 2021?

Are you an Instagram manager? Do you own a brand and need to manage multiple Instagram accounts? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, you need an Instagram management tool to manage your accounts.

As you know, Instagram allows you to manage at most 5 accounts on the app. But what if you are in charge of more than 5 Instagram accounts?

This is when you must refer to an Instagram management tool. However, even if you are in charge of only 2 Instagram accounts, we would still recommend managing them on a management tool. Because although you are allowed to manage multiple Instagram accounts on the app, you will come across Instagram glitches such as “Instagram not loading” or “Try again later

Plus, Instagram management tools have some built-in tools that accelerate your growth on Instagram. But Which platform should you trust to manage multiple Instagram accounts?

Use A Third-Party Tool To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

For the starter, we recommend you not to choose a social media management tool but pick an Instagram-only management tool. Because these tools have less focus on Instagram. 

For instance, none of the famous social media management tools lets you schedule IGTV, few of them schedule stories, among which none has the editing stickers and emojis for stories. But it seems Instagram management tools are more equipped.

Use AiSchedul To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

AiSchedul Free Instagram scheduler


Among all Instagram management tools, we offer AiSchedul. This Instagram scheduler has all the features you expect from an Instagram management tool, and you can manage limitless accounts on it.



How To Schedule Instagram Posts With AiSchedul?

After you sign up for free on AiSchedul and link your IG to it, click on the Manage Account and then hit the “Schedule” and select “Feed”.

AiSchedul dashboard

Select “Feed”

Now you can upload your feed. Most Instagram schedulers are incapable of uploading multiple photos or videos to one post. But with AiSchedul, you can create a carousel on Instagram. 

Dashboard of AiSchedul

You can upload up to 10 feeds (photos and videos)

After you upload your feed and type your caption, it is time to find hashtags. AiSchedul shows you the most searched hashtags showing the volume of search. 

Hashtag generator of AiSchedul

Hashtags are presented with the volume of search

As an IG manager who should manage multiple Instagram accounts, time is everything to you. AiSchedul also lets you save some of the hashtags to My Hashtags for later, so you schedule them faster. 

hashtag genetator of AiSchedul

Save some of them to “My Hashtags”

It has been proved that posts with location can embed and get more reach. For that reason, you get a higher engagement rate. The same goes with stories; when you add the post to your IG story, you get more reach and more engagement. Unlike most tools, you can tag people and add the location to your posts. You can also add the story to your story.

dashboard of AiSchedul where you can add location & add the post to story

Make sure to include the location and add the post to the story for more reach

Then you can Schedule your content. 

Scheduler of AiSchedul

You can even schedule the deletion of your post. Mostly used for giveaway posts

On your dashboard, you can schedule IGTV videos on desktop as well. AiSchedul is compatible with any device. But since longer videos on Instagram are mostly edited on PC, it is more convenient to be uploaded from there.

How To Schedule IG Stories With AiSchedul?

One feature that makes AiSchedul outstand other platforms is that you not only can schedule stories, but you can also add stickers, emojis, and texts. You also can edit the image on your dashboard, so you do not need another tool to edit your photos.

On your dashboard, select Story. After you upload your image, you can edit the image.

story scheduler of AiSchedul which is similar to IG app

You can add location or hashtags, mention other users, & beautify with emojis, filters, etc

Then you schedule the story and tada!

It is more expedient for users to manage multiple Instagram accounts on a PC; however, if you are more comfortable with apps, you can download AiSchedul on Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul on Play Store

Other Features Of AiSchedul

AiSchedul is more of just an Instagram scheduler. It is also a repost tool. If you manage multiple IG accounts and in charge of creating content on your own, you will need a repost tool, because content creation is very time-consuming. 

With AiSchedul, you can find viral content relating to your niche and repost them to Instagram stories or posts.

Repost on Instagram

You couldn’t create content? Borrow great content from other users

After you pick either one, you find your content and repost them.

repost tool of AiSchedul

You can find your content by hashtag & location. If you already liked a content, find it based on URL or username.

After you hit the repost, you can schedule the content.

Another feature that fits your Instagram manages is the calendar content of AiSchedul. On your dashboard, there is some already prepared content relating to the different events. You can pick one and schedule it for your feed. 

If you also want to work on different accounts as a team, you can use AiSchedul without having to give the login information to your staff. For further information, watch this video.



AiSchedul offers 3 plans for users. The first plan is designed for small businesses that are short on budget and it is free forever. The second and third plans are at $19 and $49 per month which are still affordable.

pricing of AiSchedul: , 0. $19, $49 per month

Pricing of AiSchedul

Over To You

If you are in charge of more than one Instagram account, you’d better manage them on an Instagram management tool, or you face different IG glitches.

AiSchedul is a free Instagram management tool that has every feature you expect from a management service.

This platform has a built-in repost tool and IG calendar that offers your great prepared content for times you can not create content.

Moreover, you can work on AiSchedul as a team without giving away the login information to your staff. So try AiSchedul for free today.

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