instagram link in bio not clickable

Instagram link in bio not clickable? How to fix the easy way!

Do you know why is the link in Instagram bio not clickable?

In this article, we are going to give you a solution on the Instagram link in bio not clickable, and even introduce one of the best Instagram management tools you can find on the internet to not only share a clickable link to your bio but also redirect the viewers to multiple platforms.

There are several ways to post a link on Instagram; one of them is sharing a bio link on your Instagram profile. On top of that, using the Instagram bio link is really valuable for marketers.

Instagram, with almost 1 billion active users, is among the most favorite platforms.

If you have a business, you probably want to make the most of your bio section and especially the bio link section. So what do you do when you come up against the issue “your Instagram link in bio not clickable”?

We understand that nothing can be more painful than an Instagram link in bio not being clickable. Hence, this article is going to tell you everything about:

  • Types of links allowed in the bio section
  • How to set them up
  • Instagram link in bio, not clickable solutions

So, let’s dive right into it.

What Is Bio Link?

In terms of controlling spam on Instagram, the platform has disabled links in the comment section and posts’ captions. However, businesses and brands might have several links that they want to share. 

Although sometimes it is not easy for Instagram users to share a link on Instagram, you are allowed to share one clickable link on your bio. But what if it turns out that there is an issue and you just can’t get why is Instagram link in bio not clickable?

Why is my link in bio not clickable?

Somehow, Instagram when you face up to “bio link not clickable” issue, it’s due to very few mistakes you might have made, so here we list the possible reasons. If your link is not clickable in Instagram bio you should check the following items:

  • Make sure you have updated your Instagram account to the latest version
  • You are not putting the link in the right section
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Make sure that the page still exists or if the link is not broken.
  • It fails to load
  • Instagram blocked your link in bio
  • Keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t allow you to have more than one link here. (Unless you are using a tool like AiSchedul that enables you to share multiple links. Sign up now )
  • Your Instagram app cache may be filled, so follow these steps to make sure it’s not the problem:
  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Go to apps and select Instagram
  3. Tap on the Clear Cache
  4. Reopen your Instagram account and double-check your link

Check these steps to fix the problem “Instagram bio link not clickable”.

How To Add a Clickable Link In Your Bio

Sometimes users do not know that why is their Instagram link in bio not clickable, however, learning the exact way to add a clickable link in bio simply resolves the issue. 

Now if your Instagram link in bio is not clickable, you may have missed one of these steps that we will explain the reason! Follow these steps to have a clickable Instagram bio link.

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Now, tap the “edit profile” icon.
  • Then, you’ll see a form field labeled “website”- here’s where you can add your link – do not place the link anywhere else.
  • After that, tap “done” on the right top of your screen.

edit profile>Paste the link on the website section

Now for creating a bio link if you follow these steps you will always have a clickable bio link and never need to ask why Instagram bio link not clickable!

Moreover, you can have two kinds of links in your bio section:

  • Link to another profile (Internal link)
  • Link to another website or platform (External link)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can set up an internal link.

Link To Another Profile (Internal Link)

It is possible to have a clickable link Instagram to another profile. For example, you can link your business profile to your personal profile.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  2. Now, tap the “edit profile” icon.
  3.  In the bio section, type the username of any account you would like to mention. Make sure you use @ in the beginning as well.
  4.   tap “done” on the right top of your screen.

If you correctly follow the four steps mentioned above, you should have the targeted account profile in blue.

It shows that it is clickable and working (clicking on it will take you to the targeted profile)

Edit profile>tag a user on bio section

How To Share multiple links in Instagram bio?

All in all, we informed you how to fix Instagram bio link not clickable but have you ever thought that one link in your bio may not be enough?

So, there are three main ways to add additional clickable links to your bio. Let’s start with the simplest. 

All you need is a linking software, like AiSchedul, Linktree, or Lnk.Bio. 

And I strongly suggest the AiSchedul management tool to share multiple Instagram links to your Instagram bio, and I will explain the reason in the following. 

We will discuss how you can link your Instagram profile to your website, your other social media platforms, your Spotify playlist, etc. with AiSchedul shortly. But first, let’s get to know AiSchedul better.

Why AiSchedul?

AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool that helps you to grow and manage your account easier, and more effectively.

Here is a list of AiSchedul features:

  • Schedule post, IGTV, story
  • Multiple Instagram bio link
  • Hashtag generator tool, hashtag analytic tool
  • A carousel post by inserting a youtube video link and publishing it to your feed without having to download it at all. 
  • Mass delete posts
  • Monitoring saved posts, stories, and mentions
  • Monitoring other accounts to repost their content on their feed or stories
  • Creating a contest
  • Syncing IGTV with Youtube channels 

Now, let’s go back to sharing multiple links to your bio with AiSchedul

Sign up for free on AiSchedul.

An all-in-one bio link is one of the most amazing features that AiSchedul is offering. It allows you to create an astonishing landing page and put its link in your bio section.

This amazing landing page allows you to drive more leads, sales, and traffic through Instagram. Here are some of the features that an All-In-One Bio-Link provides you with:

  • An external link to all of the things that matter most (Website, social media pages, etc)
  • A visually appealing landing page that can be redesigned based on your preferable theme, buttons, etc.

Here is how to share multiple links to your bio using AiSchedul:

  • First, sign up on AiSchedul for free and click “add your Instagram” to connect your Instagram profile to AiSchedul’s dashboard. Also, you can add multiple accounts to your dashboard on AiSchedul.
  • Secondly, select the Instagram profile you wish to work with and click on “manage”.

Manage multiple accounts by AiSchedul

  • Next, go to the “bio link” tab.

Add multiple bio link

  •  Then select “add links to your social media profile”.

add links to your social media profile

  • After that, by selecting themes on the widgets list you can choose a theme, customize appearance, buttons, and fonts.

Choose theme, customize appearance, buttons, and fonts

  • Consequently, you will get a link to place in your Instagram bio that redirects users to a landing page where all links to your other social media platforms are shared.

Landing page

How to Track Instagram Link Clicks?

Instagram insights only provide weekly reports, and in order to receive them, you must have a professional Instagram account that is also linked to a Facebook account! This may take some time, and as a professional business manager, you may require some advanced reporting and analytics! 

Fortunately, AiSchedul can help you handle and track links more professionally. You may use AiSchedul to distribute all-in-one Instagram bio links, combine your bio link with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels, track the number of link clicks, measure, and optimize your Instagram audiences.

  • After signing up on AiSchedul for free and connecting your Instagram profile to AiSchedul’s dashboard, select the Instagram profile you wish to work with and click on “manage”.

Manage accounts

  • Go to the “bio link” tab.
  • Tap on the “analytic” icon on the top right of the screen to see the results.

Bio link analytic

Try AiSchedul for free!

AiSchedul pricing

Last but not least, AiSchedul offers these three packages, as seen in the image below. In addition to the free package, you can pay $7 per month for more freedom in using the features or pay $15 per month for the full package with no restrictions. Sign up to AiSchedul for free.


Are you looking for an easy solution to Instagram link in bio not clickable? There are a few problems that may have caused the problem, but they are all solvable (Just as explained above). But if you are looking for an ultimate solution, AiSchedul is what you need. Not only does it solve the Instagram link in bio not clickable, but it provides so many more features. Sign up on AiSchedul for free today!

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