All You Need to Know About Instagram Rules and Limits in 2021

All You Need to Know About Instagram Rules and Limits in 2021

If Instagram has restricted your actions, such as not being able to follow anyone, you must know that sometimes Instagram rules are not easy to explain.

While these rules and limits can restrict your actions or even flag an Instagram account, keep in mind that they are all for creating a safe environment far from chaos for the users. 

So all we need to do is to learn about Instagram rules and follow the Terms of Use.

In this article, we will assess all you need to know about the Instagram rules and limits in 2021. We also teach you how to creatively get around them. 

Why is Instagram limiting what you can do?

First of all, if there were no restrictions on users’ actions, we could easily witness excessive promotions and advertisements. That would have made Instagram impossible to use. 

Secondly, Instagram limits are defined as an effective tool to deal with spam and abusive behaviors. 

What are the Instagram rules and limits? 

Overall, there are two categories of rules and limits on Instagram. One of them is specified in the terms of use and community guidelines. This category is basically about the age limit, behaviors that are considered illegal, aggressive, or abusive, and the fact that you are responsible for any activity that occurs under your username. 

While everyone has access to all of these basic terms that are also clear to many users after years of being active on the platform, Instagram hasn’t shared the second category so far, which consists of limits on daily activities. 

Clearly, they have a good reason for not talking about these limits since they are supposed to track spam and suspicious behavior. That said, if you are not aware of those limits, your actions may have consequences despite being honest. 

The good news is that we have figured out what you can do to avoid these behaviors and being mistaken with spam.

What are Instagram Daily limits

What are Instagram’s daily limits in 2021?

Daily limits are a great part of the Instagram rules as they track every suspicious behavior to track down spam and abusive behavior. 

Instagram may not specifically clarify them, but they are recognizable as they are all about not behaving like robots or in an excessive way. 

In fact, there are different factors to determine these limits. 

  • How old your account is
  • The number of your followers 
  • The amount of your activity
  • Your engagement rate 

Here are what Instagram’s daily limits are and what we can do to stay safe from being restricted. 

1. Instagram follow limits

Both following and unfollowing users are considered under the title of the follow limits. Regarding the Instagram rules, you should be moderate on following and unfollowing others to look natural for Instagram. 

If you are new to Instagram, it is safe to follow/unfollow 50 users per day. However, older users can follow/unfollow 150 users per day. 

Instagram daily limits

2. Instagram like limits 

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to like more than 300-400 posts per day. Keep in mind that this number is when you like posts from accounts you are following. Otherwise, keep it to the minimum since a normal user doesn’t like a significant number of posts from accounts they do not follow.Intagram like limits

3. Instagram DM and comment limits 

Direct messages and comments are more important than what you imagine. Since there have been many bots commenting and sending direct messages, these two actions are critical to everyday users, and you should be careful not to behave like spam.

Try not to comment or send DMs over 20-30 per day, so you should use them cleverly. 

get around instagram limits with AiSchedul

How to get around Instagram rules and limits? 

Today, AI generator tools are pretty much effective in every aspect of Instagram marketing. From planning your content, and building up your business strategy to get over Instagram rules and limits. 

We recommend AiSchedul as you can take advantage of its automation tool to schedule your content and post it automatically on your feed, IGTV, or stories, share multiple links to your bio, build up the right hashtag strategy for your niche, etc. 

What’s more, you should not mistake it for traditional bots. Thanks to their AI generator and their design to help you grow your business organically based on the Instagram algorithm. 

Use AiSchedul to manage the number of DMs, and almost everything else safely, and then let AiSchedul do it automatically. It is safe to use and works based on Instagram’s algorithm. 


To prevent your account from getting restricted, you need to be aware of Instagram rules and limits so that you can take your actions more wisely. Being creative and using smart Instagram managers such as AiSchedul are effective tools to get around these limits and have better performance on the platform. 

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