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Gramto Review: ‌Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever heard about the Gramto app? If you have searched for Instagram automation services, you have surely come across the name. But is Gramto safe?

When you’re trying to choose one app among a sea of services that claim to be the best, you need to find the best, most reliable choice. That’s why you should read all the reviews and then decide whether or not to pay for it.


Gramto is an Instagram management tool to help you grow your Instagram account with different features. But does this service fulfill all the promises?!

The aim of this article is to give you a complete Gramto review, its pros and cons, and the best alternative for it.

Note: If you’re looking for an Instagram scheduler to publish your content at the best times, you can try AiSchedul for free!

What Is Gramto?

Gramto app

Gramto review

Hang on! Before you read a Gramto review, you should know what Gramto is and what features it offers!

You know how important it is to publish Instagram posts consistently without missing a deadline! However, you may not have time to do so.

Gramto claims to enable you to do it with an Instagram scheduler.

Moreover, Gramto is a supporting app for Instagram to help you reach your audience. With its DM feature, this tool claims to help you reach your target audience while saving time. But that’s not all! Gramto, according to their promises, is not only a scheduling third-party application but has other features.

Gramto Features

However, to find out whether all these features will work to your advantage or not, you need to go through with this thorough Gramto review. So, let’s get to it!


Features AiSchedulGramto
Instagram scheduler 
Mass delete
Multiple bio links
Story downloader 


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Gramto Pricing

Gramto also has three different pricing packages. You need to pay 9$ per month for the basic package, 19$ per month for the standard package, and 49$ per month for the premium package.

Gramto pricing

Gramto pricing

Gramto Reviews

There are numerous ways to market your company online these days.


The rise of the internet has provided a variety of options for marketing and promotion, not to mention the audience you could potentially reach.

However, it is not always a walk in the park. Doing it on your own is a massive undertaking that will take you far more time than you can afford.


This is why many services and apps, including Gramto, have appeared in the market to help Instagrammers with automating their services. Yet, not all these tools can be trusted, especially with your Instagram account. 


Here, you can read the users’ reviews on Trustpilot. As for Gramto reviews left by their real clients, it seems that the features fail to work properly. But now, let’s dive deep to see what the pros and cons are!

Gramto Pros

Here you can read Gramto bot reviews from the customers’ point of view: 

  • It saves users time
  • You can improve your Instagram presence
  • It is cost effective

Gramto Cons

  • Their clients believe it’s a scam
  • They have terrible customer support
  • There’s no way to cancel it
  • There are technical difficulties with new updates on Instagram
  • Instagram deletes accounts that use Gramto 
Gramto reviews on Trustpilot

Gramto reviews on Trustpilot


As you read Gramto’s Instagram reviews, you’d better know that it has 1.6 stars in Trustpoilet, however, DMpro, as an Instagram DM automation, has 4.6 stars, and AiSchedul, as an all-in-one Instagram management and scheduling tool, has 4.8 stars there. 

Best Gramto Alternatives

You have already read the Gramto reviews left by real customers, and it is your choice whether to use it or not. But in case you have doubts about whether you should consider this tool or not, you’re not alone! And we have some safe alternatives for Gramto.


AiSchedul is the best Instagram management tool that you can find. 

This service finds your target audiences and helps you reach them. It works like your personal assistant to run your Instagram account in the best way.

AiSchedul is not a simple tool, though; it has lots of amazing features, which are accessible with a free plan!

 AiSchedul Features 

  • Schedule Instagram posts, stories, and IGTVs
  • Bulk delete Instagram posts
  • Add multiple links in bio
  • Access a social calendar 
  • Use the Giveaway feature (Giveaway picker)
  • Generate relevant hashtags
  • Repost Instagram posts

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts With AiSchedul

As we mentioned earlier, AiSchedul has a robust scheduler feature!

Read the step-by-step guide on how to use its scheduler:

  • First, sign up for free on AiSchedul and connect its dashboard to your Instagram account.
  • Here, in the ‘post and scheduling’ tab, click on the ‘Schedule’ option.
  • Now, tap on ‘Feed.’
AiSchedul dashboard

AiSchedul dashboard

  • Drag and drop your photos or videos to easily make an Instagram carousel post, or use other ways to upload your content. 

You can place a YouTube video link to share it to your feed without the need to download it or use the Unsplash website to get your hands on thousands of high-quality images.


AiSchedul upload content section

  • Here, you can write the caption. 
  • Also, add popular and trending hashtags.
  • And add the location 
  • Finally, set the time that you want your post to be published.

AiSchedul scheduler

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If you don’t want to use AiSchedul on your PC. You can easily download the AiSchedul app from the Google store

AiSchedul Pricing

AiSchedul provides you with one free package to help you get started. On the other hand, to have access to more features, you can pay for the 3 other packages. The first one is a starter package coming at 9$, the second one is a pro package that costs 19$, and the last one is a 59$ advanced package. 

The best part about these pricing packages is that they don’t have any time limitations, which means you can use them for a lifetime.

AiSchedul Reviews

AiSchedul has been highly recommended on reliable sites like Trustpilot. It has been granted 4.8 stars by customers, which indicates that users are happy with the service. Among the reasons why AiSchedul has proven successful are its reasonable pricing and instant access.




DMpro is another alternative to Gramto and focuses on direct messages on Instagram. 

You can grow your audience easily by targetting them through Instagram DM. Or, you can use the service to introduce your products to your followers and turn them into loyal customers. Now, let’s find out in detail what DMpro offers.

DMpro Features 

  1. Download IG messages: DMpro has a service for managing your IG direct messages, as well as an efficient Instagram DM saver with which you can download messages.
  2. Sort Instagram DMs by different filters.
  3. Send bulk messages to different groups of your potential audience. Depending on your strategy, you can target ‘current followers,’ ‘new followers,’ ‘followers of an influencer,’ and ‘hashtag users.’
  4. DMpro’s variable text snippets can help you avoid sending the same message to multiple users.
  5. You get to send auto-responses to users’ DMs and frequently asked questions.
  6. Manage all your messages from various IG accounts in one single dashboard.
  7. Use your inbox as a direct saver for Instagram and as a smart way to respond to your DMs without a read receipt.
  8. Add all of your website’s bio links to your Instagram bio.

These are only a few of the features provided by DMpro. So, don’t waste a second and sign up now on

DMpro Pricing

DMpro has 3 pricing packages. First, there’s a free package you can use to get started. This package comes with its limitations, though. To be able to send more messages and auto-replies and use the service for a longer term,  you can go with the two other pricing plans. One comes at the monthly cost of $50 and the other at $129.

DMpro Reviews 

DMpro is a reliable app, as users said, they said about their growth and reaching their target audiences by using the DMpro app. However, it doesn’t have a scheduler and reposts feature. But as a DM generator, DMpro is the best app you should use.

DMpro pricing

DMpro packages


People also ask this question about Gramto. Take a quick look at it.

Does Gramto Help You Get Real Instagram Followers?

Really no, most of Gramto users said that all of the followers are fake.


The ball is in your court now! We just covered a complete Gramto review and explained all the pros and cons. We also introduced you to the best, most reliable Gramto alternative; AiSchedul and DMpro

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