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Regrammer Free Alternatives – Compatible with any device

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in recent years, so many tools are designed to help its users in managing their pages. One of the tools that can be so useful for Instagram users is a repost tool. Using this tool, you can post others’ or your own content again on your page. This way, both sides win because you will have new content on your page, and the main page may gain followers from yours too. Regrammer was a well-known application that had many ones used for reposting, but after a while, it suddenly stopped working, and its users are looking for a new option.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 3 Regrammer alternatives that you can use, whether you own an android device or an iPhone. Also, one of these tools is available even on PC! So, if you are looking for a reposting tool, don’t miss this article.

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What Is Regrammer? Regrammer logo

Regrammer is a repost tool, which used to help Instagram users to repost others’ posts on their page. This application made the process easier, and it had many users. However, this application, which had both Android and iOS versions, stopped working, and its users had to seek another repost tool.

After that, many applications introduced to help Instagram users with the reposting feature, but most of them don’t work correctly, or they aren’t free. With a quick look at Google Play, you can see many reposting apps with users complaining in the reviews section.

Here we are going to introduce 3 Instagram reposting tools for different devices. Also, we will show you how to repost content on your page through a step by step tutorial.  So, Let’s go for it!

AiSchedulAiSchedul Instagram managing platform

AiSchedul is an Instagram management platform that offers various services for growing Instagram pages. Focusing on different features of Instagram, it provides tools to make the process easier and, of course, faster for its clients.

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One of the services that this platform provides is reposting posts and stories. Let’s see how it work.

  1.  At first, you should sign up on the website and connect it to your Instagram account.AiSchedul sign up
  2. Then, you should select your Instagram account on the dashboard and hit the “Repost” button. You can choose between Feed and Story.AiSchedul Repost
  3. If you choose the Feed option, you can select the post by searching for Hashtag, Location, entering the URL, or entering the Username. AiSchedul select postIf you choose the Story option, you can find the story by typing the Username.AiSchedul select story
  4. After finding the post, hit the Repost button at the bottom and then design your post in the opened window.AiSchedul edit repost
  5. As you can see, you can edit it, change the caption, add hashtags and set many other options. After you re done, you can choose to post it right away or schedule it to be posted on a specific time. That’s it!

Just as simple as you saw! One of the most significant advantages of this platform is that it’s a web application. It means you can work with it on any device as long as it has a browser. Moreover, it won’t take any extra storage on your phone so, you won’t face Instagram stopping errors caused by running low on storage.

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AiSchedul offers a great pack of Instagram tools at very reasonable prices. Also, the repost feature is available in the trial plan, which you can use it for free!

Here are some of AiSchedul’s features:

  • Scheduling posts and stories
  • Publishing posts automatically
  • Designing the perfect bio-link landing page

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  • Organizing giveaways automatically

You can get to know more about its features by signing up for the trial plan.

Try AiSchedul for free

RegrannRegrann Regrammer alternative

Another application that can help you with reposting is Regrann. It supports Android devices, but we will introduce an app for iOS too. You can find it only by searching on Google Play. Now, let’s see how you can repost content using this application.

    1. First, install the app on your phone. Then find the post that you want to repost and hit on the top right corner.Regrenn repost
    2. Select the “Share to…” option.
    3. Choose Regrann from the list to open the post in this application.
    4. Select whether you want to share it as a feed or on your stories.Regrann repost
    5. Edit the photo on Instagram and add the hashtags you want. The caption is saved, you just have to paste it.
    6. Share the post using the Share button.

This application is just a reposting tool with no other feature. Although you can’t use it if you are managing your account on a PC, it does a great job on Android.

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Repost For InstagramRepost for Instagram Regrammer alternative

Repost For Instagram is another reposting tool made for iOS devices. It works the same as Regrann in android devices just with a simple change.

In order to select a post in this application, you should copy the link and then open this application. The post will automatically appear there.


All In All…

Since the Regrammer reposting tool is no longer available, we introduced three alternative applications here. The first option works on any device and also offers many other useful features too. However, the next options are just reposting tools that work on Android and iOS devices. We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any other ideas, share them with us in the comment section.

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