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What is the best app to schedule Instagram posts? 5 app suggestions from Instagram gurus


Today we are going to tell you how to use the app to schedule Instagram posts.

All right, today, we are going to be exploring how to use an app to plan your grid to schedule posts to curate hashtags and the more effective use of your time on social media.

We are going to look at 5 Instagram planner tools that will help you manage your Instagram account.

Having these tools on Instagram is essential for all users who are active on this social network.

The truth is, if you have only installed the Instagram app as a professional Instagram user, you have lost many of the features that popular users are using.

On the other hand, you will find hundreds of app to schedule Instagram posts by a simple search that is impossible to choose from without previous experience.

With that in mind, here are five of the best Instagram planner tools to use.

We are going to look at 5 apps to schedule Instagram posts that will help you manage your Instagram account.
So, this takes for granted that you care about your Instagram account and want to keep posts up regularly. You want people to interact with your posts and to find them.

So, it is more like you are doing an Instagram for a business account, although you might have the same type of desires just for personal reasons.

Let’s just talk the Instagram for business. Here are these 5 apps:

1- AiSchedul





We will divide this review into four sections:

  1. What do the first five minutes look like in any of these apps?
  2. What is like to use these apps to plan your grid and designed your Instagram account?
  3. What does each of these Instagram planing apps offer in terms of tools or benefits to help you grow and manage your account in terms of getting it bigger reaching more people etc?
  4. Do any of them have a web app?

1- AiSchedul

Alright, the clear winner in the first five minutes is AiSchedul.

After you sign up you will be taken to a page called Dashboard and everything is clear.

This is the page where you can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts at once.

Taking a look at the left of the page you will notice that this platform has many other features besides the capability of scheduling your posts.

The first thing we’ll do is upload 9 photos to the app to see what the grid layout looks like and whether if it’s easy to work with, as we do on Instagram.

After we’ve added our account to this platform, we should choose Manage Account to manage it.

Before start scheduling, we must first choose whether you want to plan your feed or story.

One of the things we found interesting about this platform was the ability to repost. One of the features that Instagram doesn’t offer users.

In fact, when you don’t have the time to create content, you can find content that is relevant to your Page’s theme using repost ability and publish it to your Page.

You can write a separate caption for each of your photos and also select hashtags and locations separately.

In the first five minutes, AiSchedul did a great job and we were able to easily access all of our photos and put them next together and choosing the right text and hashtags for our posts.

It was a simple look at 5 minutes of logging on to this platform Continue reading this article to let you know about the other benefits of this platform and other app to schedule Instagram posts.


alright so you know the first five-minute bad experience downloaded it trying to set up an account and the first thing you want to do is load nine pictures, nine images to kind of see what the grid layout looks like.

when we open this app it goes our camera roll and if you are as a photographer most images that you want to post is curated and folders like Lightroom, Canon EOS, My folder or maybe another folder like your perfectly clear folder but then your camera roll meaning pictures you take straight off your phone that is not where you getting most of your content for your Instagram account so this was a pure fail.


Preview started out great, we have four icons across the top there is a gear a calendar, a bar chart, and a plus and you add the plus you add your images, easy to do easy to get an account started and easy to get going.

so Preview nice job well done.


PLANN was the fourth app to schedule Instagram posts that I took a look at and in the first five minutes I was a little confused because it opens and the opening screen though beautiful is a blurred out grid of kind mock Instagram account so it is not mine and there are two buttons one says ad-media wants us to continue.

I was confused about why I do not see my account or my planing grid, not that effective for me and I find that every time I launched the app it goes to that instead of the second screen which is actually what I want.

It is ok but the other thing is the text overlay is a little bit hard to read against that background that busy background accessibility of it meaning the high contrast of text to the background doesn’t make that easy to use to get going with so middle-of-the-road marks for PLANN.


it is a beautiful home screen, it is easy to start an account, it is to upload your first images and not only that but in the grid, we see a clear you overlay for all the posts that we have uploaded that are unscheduled so that is a very handy feature.

there is actually an unscheduled tab, schedule tab, and all tabs easy navigation to look at what we put and what we might be used to draw from to plan our grid so Planoly clear winner in the first five minutes.

what is like to use these apps to plan your grid and designed your Instagram account?

1- AiSchedul

Let’s go back to AiSchedul now and take a look at how the photos are, next to each other.

After you select your photos and specify the date of sharing, they will be stored in a separate folder that you can edit before publishing.

To change the order of photos, just delete a photo you don’t want it and upload a new one.

To delete photos, just press the trash can icon underneath each photo to delete the photo.

Another unique feature I’ve rarely seen on other platforms was creating separate links for each photo. You can also tag people on your photos.

If you need your posts to be deleted automatically after some time, you can choose a date to delete them automatically.

With this app to schedule Instagram posts, you can do all your account tasks without having to log in to Instagram and even manage multiple accounts at once.

As we said, this app has many features that you can’t find all of them in one app, including the bio-link feature that makes it easy to link any photo you want to anywhere out or into of Instagram.


Let’s look at the apps did in the second phase which is planing your grid.

so UNUM we pressed on even though we didn’t like our first five-minute experience with it and so we tried to load an image actually we selected quite a few images from our camera roll because that’s where it took us.

we could actually never find the other folders but we went to our camera roll and selected nine images and hit plus and one loaded we tried it again selected multiple images we think it was two that time and one loaded and so we have this grid with one here, one here and a bunch of blanks, not a good experience in managing.

It is lower than the middle of the road scores for UNUM.


Preview pretty similar to PLANN although when you touch a tile it grazes it out and I kept trying to interact with that tile as I did in PLANN which seemed a little more intuitive.

now that I think about it but when you touch it, it turns the grid then you have to look at the bottom of the toolbar and you have like a trash icon to throw that image way a shutter button which was confusing to me.

because I thought that would mean capture a picture but shutter button means to edit the image and ad then there is a little comment bubble which is written your caption and then there is a share icon and that again like the PLANN app means that you copy and paste and it opens Instagram from there and then you put it in again not the streamlined workflow that I was looking for again.


So in the PLANN app, we relaunch the app and again greeted with the blurred out mock Instagram account of somebody else beautiful but not our account.

we push the button to continue and then we see the images we had upload.

now if you long press on one of those the tiles start to shake and you can move the images around pretty much like an iPhone if you hold one of the home screen icons everything starts to shake and you can edit or delete half icon.

so it is a very familiar feeling and that is a very easy screen to interact with recording the tiles for your grid.
then if you just not long-press a tile but tap it you get a draft your post screen and that is where you type in your caption and then you will see buttons copy and paste and actually this app doesn’t integrate with Instagram.

you have to copy and past by clicking that and then going to the share and then opening Instagram and then choosing feed or story and paste it in not the streamlining type of effect you were looking for.

this was a little less than desirable for me because it seems like the work should be more streamlined like an automatic integration.


Now it is Planoly turns which has a beautiful home screen and it is got a really cool workflow it has something called drafts which are like test grids that you can build so there is not

just one main grid not just two or three but more than them.

you can actually use these extra drafts like little folders to keep other Instagram account in.

it is like maybe a little hack so you can use these to manage other Instagram accounts if you wanted this also has a calendar view and if you click that you can see all the posts that you

have coming up and what is actually great is this app to schedule Instagram posts actually integrates with Instagram so you can schedule a post and you can write your captions and you can add your hashtags and

then you can just close it and on the time allotted it will post it to Instagram and you will get a little Text message or a notification rather from the app that says this was posted

according to plan.

How they gonna help you grow your account

1- AiSchedul

As we said before, this app to schedule Instagram posts is like a surprise to you! You will ask why we are saying this.

It’s very simple because we can prove this to you by saying a few simple features of this platform.

In fact, by signing up for this tool you can manage multiple tasks together and you will no longer need to buy other tools because you can use the service for free!

Below are some of the features of this popular platform:


As we explained at the beginning of this article, you can use this app to schedule Instagram posts for weeks and even months in advance and they will be shared automatically on the date and day you specify.

Let’s get into this a little more and give you more information.

You can plan both for your feed and for the story just choose the one you want.

If you don’t have the time to produce the content, just use the Repost feature then it will offer you posts that are relevant to your topic.

You can also choose the most popular hashtags for your posts using the special tools provided by this platform.

You can see how many times a hashtag has been used by users.

This will help you climb faster.

Location is also an important factor in the growth of your account.

You can choose your followers to be from which city or country they are from by select a specific location.


When we run a contest on Instagram, the question is how the lottery will take place and how the winners will be selected?

In many cases, the number of participants is so high that manual selection becomes very difficult, so what is the proper solution to hold a contest on Instagram?

AiSchedul will do this for you easily.

The way this platform works is that you enter the rules of the contest and the number of winners in the tool, and AiSchedul automatically selects the winner based on the rules you set and will send a message that you have already prepared for the winning person.


You may want to add multiple links to your Instagram-bio, but as you know, only one link can be added to your Instagram-bio.

This problem is more common for companies or even administrators of telegraph channels and website owners who want to link to their Instagram-bio, So you can display many clickable links in your Instagram -Bio section using the bio-link feature in AiSchedul.

DM to Email

If you’re one of the business people on Instagram, you probably get a lot of messages in your direct.

It is very confusing to have them all answered from mobile, with this feature you can receive them on your emails and even reply from there you can actually use your computer Receive and manage your messages on a screen that is ten times larger than your phone.

Send Automated DMs

As you know, if you want to make a breakthrough on Instagram, you need to have extensive advertising that is one of the most effective ways.

Sending messages to and interacting with them can be a good way to advertise.

You might say it takes a long time to do this, but don’t worry because AiSchedul will do it for you automatically.

You can set up a message that includes your introduction and your products to users, which will be automatically sent to those who have just followed you, and even to those who not follow you.

Let us summarize the story and bring this assessment to a common point.

This platform had all the features that other platforms had, and in addition to the unique features that it offers users for free, it grows your account.

AiSchedul is all in one.


UNUM gives you a DNF did not finish we couldn’t even get to the point so we will take it out of the game.


In Preview there was an analytics section, a bar chart icon and there was a calendar, it also didn’t appear to have any way to manage hashtags or create hashtags.

so we give it slightly lower marks for that and just as a reminder you have to copy and paste into Instagram it doesn’t auto-post for you.


It has a group of hashtags that you can create so you can paste them in there and then copy them and add them to caption.

it helps you keep these in a handy place where you are gonna write your next post.

PLANN will also show you when you are searching for hashtags how many posts that a hashtag has been associated with or used on and then that gives you an idea of the popularity of those hashtags.

it also has something called the best time to post based on your last post-performances and they will say based on your last post should be posting on 1 P.M every day.

sofar is not that effective because we have not used the app a lot so we don’t have a history but the longer you use it may be the more you learn about your audience and you might even learn about your own behavior and maybe you will be able to adjust somethings you do by habit that isn’t really as effective as you might want them to be.

PLANN also has a strategy tab and it was confusing at first because there are these colored tiles and it says like behind the scenes or product or testimonial and we couldn’t really figure out what they were for.

we had to watch a video on their website once you see that then you understand we kind of load these as placeholders and we are trying out a strategy they don’t really tell you what strategy to use but you might try out a strategy like we are gonna do for every one product post we do.

a behind-the-scenes a testimonial something inspirational like a quote and they will get to another product so you set it up like placeholders and then you just replace that other tile with that image and we think where this really pays off is down the road Analytics you get are associated with those post types or like the category.

the downside of that is if you say I am gonna schedule a product post then you put a behind-of-scenes post in this place PLANN doesn’t know the difference between what you said you were gonna do and what you really did so you really have to be disciplined and make sure if you set out that strategy and you are counting on the analytics later that you actually follow through with that strategy


Planoly has ways to see the number of likes over a week compared to the week before or the month before or even the year before.

you can see comments that kind of activity but of

course, the more information when access to the more you will have to pay their upgrade fee.

Do any of them have a web app?

let’s say you are doing this for business and you don’t want to just sit there on your phone all-day.

there is a web app for three of them that actually have functionality surprisingly first one is AiSchedul you can actually log in and upload posts.

the second one is UNUM and the third one is Planoly it has a very robust web app too.

We are really glad you kept reading this article we just hope that you would like this article and apps.

If you got anything out of it and stick around, leave a comment. we are really excited about people who leave comments.


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