Sekd Social alternatives and reviews

Sked Social Reviews + a Less Expensive Alternative

Sked Social, formerly known as Schedugram, is an Instagram scheduler with a variety of additional features. In this article, we will take a look at Sked Social’s features, strengths, and weaknesses. Finally, we will present you with a less expensive Sked Social alternative that shares similar features.

What does Sked Social do?

Sked Social dashboard

Source: Sked Social

Sked Social is essentially an Instagram scheduler. However, it comes with a variety of other features as well. Let’s check them all out:

  • Post and Story Scheduling: You can schedule both posts and stories with Sked Social. Scheduling with Sked Social is fairy simple; they even have a visual calendar that lets you see your upcoming posts. Unlike some other schedulers, Sked Social doesn’t prompt a push notification to your phone before publishing your post/story. But you can still add an approval step before your post gets published.
  • Visual Instagram Planner: In addition to scheduling your post, you can use Sked Social to create cute grids on your Instagram feed.
  • Performance Analytics: You can see which of your posts have been performing the best. Moreover, you can track at what time of the day you seem to perform better.
  • Link in Bio: Sked Social’s link in bio solution (called Sked Link) is designed to overcome Instagram’s link limitations. You can get your own custom bio link and add multiple buttons and links to it.
  • Hashtag Sourcing: You can browse hashtags on Instagram and repost your favorite content to your own account. However, to use this feature you will have to subscribe to the Essentials plan, which cost 75$ per month.

Sked Social Top Reviews

Sked Social Top Reviews


It’s always wise to read reviews of a product before you purchase it. In this way, you can use the experience of others to to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your desired product.


  • No Push Notification: Unlike other Instagram schedulers, Sked Social doesn’t require you to approve your scheduled post before it gets published. This can be especially great if your scheduled post is getting published when you’re asleep.
  • Unlimited Users: From the Essentials plan and above, the user limit is removed. This is a great option for bigger organizations.
  • First Comment Reserve: This unique feature allows you to save the first comment for yourself. You can use it to post hashtags, or say something interesting.


  • Pricing: Compared to similar apps in the market, Sked Social is vastly overpriced. You can get all of Sked Social’s features for 29$ per month on AiSchedul. You might even consider subscribing to a free Instagram scheduler.
  • Bad Customer Support: Their customer support isn’t always on time to respond to complaints. Additionally, they sometimes act in shady ways. For example, when their old plan (which costed 32 euros per month) was updated to cost less (19 euros per month), they didn’t notify their old customers about the price change. This resulted in a lot of unhappy customers who had to pay the old price for a few months.
  • Sub-optimal Story Scheduling: When scheduling stories, you can’t add stickers or polls, and everybody knows how effective they are in engaging your audience.
  • Unfriendly User-Interface: The user dashboard is filled with a lot of unnecessary tabs. In future updates, they could do a lot to smooth the user-experience.

Sadly, Sked Social comes up short compared to the competition. There are a lot the developers can do to improve their app.

If you are looking for a Sked Social alternative that is both beginner-friendly and less pricey, we have just the right Instagram scheduler for you.

AiSchedul: a much less expensive Sked Social alternative

Sked Social alternative: AiSchedul

AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool designed primarily for Instagram. Its beginner-friendly user interface, reasonable pricing, and useful features have made it one of the best Instagram schedulers in 2020. Let’s take a look at what AiSchedul can do for you.

AiSchedul Features

Sked Social alternative: AiSchedul's dashboard

  • Post and Story Scheduling: You can schedule both posts and stories using AiSchedul. Similar to Sked Social, AiSchedul doesn’t prompt you with a push notification before the post gets published.
  • Giveaway Generator: Running Instagram giveaways and contents is a proven way for gaining a big number of new followers in a short time. In fact, accounts that hold giveaways grow 70% faster than accounts which don’t. Working with AiSchedul’s giveaway generator is very simple. Learn about it here.
  • Social Monitoring: You can monitor hashtags, people, and mentions on Instagram. Afterwards, you can either save the photos or repost them directly to your account. Click here to learn more about this essential feature.
  • Bio Link: AiSchedul’s bio link solution is neat, simple, and comes with your own social buttons! Learn more about this feature here.
  • Hashtag Suggestions: Before scheduling your post with AiSchedul, you can enter a keyword and get a list of suggested hashtags from AiSchedul’s powerful A.I.
  • Content Reposting: Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have this feature enabled by default. Don’t worry, however, with AiSchedul you can repost on Instagram with only a few clicks!
  • Visual Content Calendar: AiSchedul’s visual content calendar has post ideas and hashtag suggestions for every day of the year, helping you with never running out of Instagram post ideas again.

Why use AiSchedul?

  • Pricing: AiSchedul is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, AiSchedul is one of the only fully free Instagram schedulers in the market. If your needs surpass the free account’s limitations, you can invest as little as 9$ or 29$ a month to unlock unlimited potential. You can learn more about AiSchedul’s pricing plans here.
  • The Complete Package: You can schedule posts and stories, get a customized bio link, organize Instagram contests, and monitor brands and hashtags all in once place. AiSchedul will be your one and only Instagram manager.
  • Robust Customer Support: Premium users can enjoy 24/7 live-chat support from Instagram experts. Free users will be limited to email support only.
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