How to find jobs on Instagram

The ultimate guide to Instagram careers and finding a job

Surely, you use LinkedIn and even Twitter to look for a job, but have you ever considered the option of looking for a job through Instagram?

Today many people use their Instagram account as their portfolio, such as models, agencies, freelancers, and so on, Instagram is a great platform for brand awareness and marketing.

Therefore if you are looking for a job, time to go through Instagram careers and get employed.  

In this article, we want to give you some tips that will help you find a job through Instagram.

finding jobs on instagram

5 killer tips on your Instagram careers journey

How useful is Instagram in careers? some might say Instagram is a social network that is not designed to find work, but quite the opposite, it is designed to connect with our friends, share moments, but social media experts have proved this wrong.  

Instagram is a tool that can be very useful to find work, if you follow the right path and use the following steps, you can easily connect with multiple people and companies and get yourself hired.

 1. Create a professional profile 

Take advantage and make a good first impression with your Instagram bio to indicate who you are, what you like, your hobbies, and your professional specialty. This will help them to know who you are and what you do when they visit your profile.

150 characters are enough to draw people’s attention, so use it in your favor.

Add links to your profile with other accounts of yours such as your blog, YouTube channel, or website; if you have them, this will make you look authentic and reliable. 

Make your account public; if you keep it private, no one will be able to know you and how you are. 

Optimized instagram profile

2.Use proper photos 

 Now make sure that your profile overflows with photographs and work that you have done, always related to your profession. For example, put yourself in the shoes of a chef. It will upload snapshots of his dishes or even the ingredients he buys. 

Or if you are a pharmacist, try to upload Instagram stories of companies you visit, your meetings, or post photos of the conferences you attend.

In one word, showcase your professional skills, your hobbies, and your tastes.

3.Engage with other profiles and Companies

Find the profiles of the companies you like and the people who work there, and follow them. 

Another option offered by Instagram is to know the profiles of the employees. Sometimes they are tagged in company images. Through their photographs, you can also get an idea of the company, the CEO, and other members of the company.

Search through hashtags related to what you do, or follow business accounts by common acquaintances, 

Don’t be shy to get their attention, give them likes and comments to get noticed, contact them;  in the end, employers are finding for people that are diligent and enthusiastic about their professions, 

This would help you on your journey of Instagram careers. 

4. Add your location

It is advisable to add the location of your city or area of residence on your bio and the location of each photograph to your profile.

 In this way, those who are interested in you will know where you are located, how far you are willing to go.

5. Be Active and do research

You can not be a ghost on Instagram; expect people to notice you, try to post daily on your feed and stories, and if you don’t have the time for that, use a scheduling tool such as AiSchedul, to help you on this matter.

If you want to do research, use the keywords of what you want to find. For example, if you use the hashtag #employment, you will probably find companies that have a vacancy available.

find jobs on instagram

If you think your profile fits, do not hesitate to contact them, they will value your willingness. On the other hand, also use hashtags related to your sector in the text that accompanies each publication, always taking into account not to exceed the number of hashtags.


Finding opportunities on Instagram is easy as finding jobs on LinkedIn or Indeed website if you follow the right steps and do it the right way. Today’s market has become very visual, and as businesses use Instagram for their brand awareness, this platform has become more than just a sharing photos app.

In this article, we talked about tips to use on your Instagram careers, apply them on your profile and create a killer portfolio for yourself and watch opportunities coming your way. 

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