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Trending Instagram Challenges In 2021

What are Instagram challenges in 2021? Instagram challenges are always popular. However, the importance of these challenges has been magnified at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

Before a celebrity normally started the challenges, anyone could become a starter after the pandemic!

Why is that? BOREDOM! 

People had way too much free time at home. However, with the evolution of TikTok and Instagram reels followingly, people find themselves more comfortable appearing in front of a camera and participating in Instagram challenges. 

In this article, we want to let you know of 5 challenges by this time of the year, and followingly, we teach you how to stay updated with the latest Instagram challenges. Then don’t go anywhere.

What are Instagram challenges in 2021?

Do you remember the first Instagram challenge in 2020?

Anne Hathaway dressed up in white and blue pillows

Anne Hathaway in Pillow Challenge

Yes, how could you ever forget?

But ever since, the Instagram challenges are mostly in the format of videos rather than photos. Watch the following videos. You’ll get what this is about.

Acting Challenge

This challenge is very new and purely professional in which you should transfer different feelings in 15 seconds.


Don’t Rush

Don’t rush challenge is a very simple challenge that you can design some footstep and dance with it. To do this challenge, come up with unique footsteps ideas or simply be inspired by one. Later practice that challenge and do it.





Gesture challenges can be considered Instagram games as well. In this fun challenge, you should make gestures with your hand or face in a limited time. This challenge is not as simple as it seems. We suggest you challenge yourself with this trend.




Workout Challenges

Feeling athletic? Many fitness models throw out some workout challenges on Instagram and TikTok. These challenges involve a combination of hard exercises such as push-ups, squats, skipping, and more, edited with music. You feel you can do it?




Singing Challenge

Music is one of the things that never gets old. If you have a good voice, try one of the trend songs.





The reason Instagram challenges have become very popular is that they are fun trying and they are amusing to watch. With the presence of the reels, you don’t need to look for Instagram challenges to get some idea and create amusing videos. Now you can just simply create great nice videos for yourself with any theme.




With that said, rely on your creativity to create amusing videos for Instagram. Who knows? You may come up with a challenge yourself.

Find & Schedule Instagram Challenges

As you just see, Instagram challenges can be very diverse, and they change day by day. First, Daddy Yankee released the new song, and the #problemachallnege was the trend on Instagram. But the next day, Instagrammers edit their videos with an old song by Britney Spears.

Plus, they can be very diverse, from acting challenge to workout. You may prefer to follow one type of challenge, dances, for instance. So you should be looking for the latest dancing challenges. 

For this reason, we offer you to use AiScheudul. This platform embeds an Instagram monitoring tool that enables you to keep yourself updated with the latest Instagram challenges.

AiSchedul Free Instagram scheduler

AiSchedul logo

Moreover, you can schedule your own content on this platform for free.

Find Instagram Challenges On AiSchedul

First of all, sign up to AiSchedul for free. Then add your IG to it.

Add Accounts

Then on your dashboard, click on “Manage Accounts” Note that you can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts on this dashboard.

Manage Instagram account

Manage Account

Afterward, you will be directed to the “Posts & Scheduling” tab. There open the “Listening & Repost” and select “Hashtag Monitoring”

Built-in hashtag monitoring tool of AiSchedul

Here enter the type of hashtags you are more willing to try. Then the platform offers you more hashtags you can monitor on Instagram. Check hashtags you want.

related hashtags to dance challenges with their volume of search

Select the hashtags which your favorite type of Instagram challenges most associate with

Later you will come up with the latest challenge posts with those hashtags.

Be inspired by the latest challenges on Instagram

AiSchedul is an Instagram all in one tool that:

And more. This platform provides you with so many advantages to growing your account. For instance, it enables you to post your feed from the desktop since most of these Instagram challenges are edited on PC, and it is more convenient to post right from the computer instead of transferring it from pc to cellphone. However, if you prefer working with an app, you can download AiSchedul from Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul on Play Store

And above all, it is free forever. But if you seek more, you can subscribe to paid plans of AiSchedul at $7 and $23 per month.

AiSchedul pricing

Plans and Pricing of AiSchedul

Over To You Regarding Instagram Challenges

Instagram challenges and trends are so fluid, and it changes daily. AiSchedul is a free Instagram all-in-one tool with a built-in monitoring tool that allows you to keep up with the newest challenge. Plus, you can schedule your feed with it. And above all, it is FREE. So why not subscribe to it?

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