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Instagram Stories

Secrets to Instagram story viewer order + tool to download stories

Since Instagram stories were launched in 2016, people tend to spend more time posting and viewing stories, and if you post an Instagram story, you probably are curious to see who views and watches your stories.

The Instagram story viewer order works in a specific way and has its own algorithm, and in this article, we are going to talk about how Instagram story viewer order works. 

Why is always the same person on top of viewers on my Instagram story? 

Keep on reading to get the answers to your questions.

Know your Instagram stalkers and secret admirers. 

Order of Instagram story viewers in 2021

There are a few theories about the Instagram story viewer order and the stalking phase on this social media platform. As Instagram tends to keep its users’ privacy, you might ask how it works when it comes to Instagram story views exactly?

 Why do some of your followers appear at the top and some at the bottom? Is it in chronological order? How does Instagram rank the story views order?

Well, we have the answer to all your questions; due to a few experiments done by the Reddit team, your story Instagram views order, rank by two factors:

  • The first 50 views are based on the chronological order, which means if you have less than 50 views, whoever watches your story first is up at the top of the viewer’s ranking.
  • Once you reach more than 50 views, the algorithm changes.

Those accounts that open your page more will appear as first.

Overall whoever is engaging with you more, such as commenting and direct messaging would affect the ranking algorithm. Still, according to Reddit, those accounts that open your profile more often, Instagram prioritizes them to be at the top of the view list.

So in case you’re stalking someone on Instagram, you better watch out and view their Instagram stories anonymously.

How are Instagram stories ordered in your feed?

You might wonder why some people always end up at the top of your feed, so whenever you open the app some accounts are at the top.

Well, this is somehow based on the Instagram algorithm, so based on the interaction you have with some accounts, Instagram prioritizes their stories to you as the first list of suggestions. So if you keep watching their stories every day or like their post, likely they are the first choices by Instagram to show you.

That was the secret to Instagram story viewer order, and since we are talking about Instagram stories, we are going to introduce you to a tool that gives you better access to managing your stories.

How to download Instagram stories anonymously?

 AiSchedul is a tool that lets you download Instagram stories fast and free with unlimited amounts. This amazing tool lets you download your chosen videos and photos to be saved on your PC or mobile browser, quick and straightforward.

Write your chosen username and watch or save the content of your preference. 

This amazing tool has different features such as;


In this article, we talked about how Instagram determines the story viewer order, how it really works, and why some people are always at the top even if they view your stories later than other users.

Well, it is all about who opens your Instagram page more often and who is engaging with your content more often.

So if you want to use Instagram stories to grow your business which is 100 percent essential for your Instagram growth, then sign up on AiSchedul and use all the features that help you in this time-consuming process. 

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