Top Artist Bio Examples On Instagram In 2022

Instagram, at first, used to be a simple photo-sharing app where you could share photos and short videos with friends and family. But today, with different tools and features added to this platform, many brands and companies use it as a noticeable part of their digital marketing.  Artists are no exception, and they can use [...]

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How to Link Instagram Music to Artist Profile in 2022?

Nowadays, Instagram is not just a simple photo-sharing app; With over 500 million daily users, it's one of the best places for brands and businesses to increase their audience.  If you are an independent artist, musician, or band and are looking for an answer on how to link Instagram music to artist profile you've come [...]

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What Is My Instagram URL & How To Copy It?

Have you ever thought about what your Instagram URL is? Or you may have asked yourself, how do I get my Instagram link? Instagram is widely known as a user-friendly social media networking site. It has over 500 million daily users. While Instagram has a desktop version, the social networking app is primarily meant for [...]

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How to share a link on Instagram in 2021 + tool

Have you ever seen marketers and influencers share a link on Instagram? Absolutely yes! Most marketers understand that Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell their products. So they share their selling website’s link on Instagram to make the way easy for them. Instagram may not offer different options to share a link, [...]

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(INTRODUCING When you are on Instagram you get that one precious link in what do you link to should you link to your Website, should you link to your Youtube Chanel, Facebook group, Pinterest, your online courses. What if there is a way you just link everything? So that is what does. It [...]

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Instagram link in bio not clickable? How to fix the easy way!

Do you know why is the link in Instagram bio not clickable? In this article, we are going to give you a solution on the Instagram link in bio not clickable, and even introduce one of the best Instagram management tools you can find on the internet to not only share a clickable link [...]

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How to Promote Your FanCentro Account on Social Media

People are always eager to get in touch with their favorite models and influencers. However, it's nothing easy if you want to direct your social media followers into your personal platform as models. But, is there any social platform exclusively for models? The answer is yes, and the platform is FanCentro. When we talk about [...]

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100+ best Instagram bios for your Instagram account

Instagram profile photo and bio are the first things when someone checks your Instagram account. Users can add at most 150 characters in their bio! While it doesn’t seem a lot, using a creative Instagram bio can increase your account’s growth, make people follow you, inspire users, etc. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate your Instagram bio. [...]

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Link in Instagram bio not clickable – Top Solutions

You might have noticed that you can't put a clickable link in the caption of your Instagram posts or the comment section. So, what should we do if we want to share a link with our followers? Or if we're going to share our other social accounts with them? Also, most of the businesses want [...]

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