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How To Share YouTube Videos On Instagram In 2021?

How to share YouTube video on Instagram? Ever since IGTV was launched, many users download YouTube videos and upload them to IGTV. Although it is working, it would be more convenient to paste or embed the YouTube video and let it upload. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes! You read it right. Yes! It is possible!

We know that Instagram is not capable of embedding links in posts or IGTV and share a YouTube video on Instagram, you can only add the link in the bio, and users who touch the link will be directed to the YouTube platform.

This is not what we want to teach you here!

There is an app that lets you embed the link in the platform; then within a spare of seconds, the video is uploaded on Instagram. Curious to know how? Stay Tuned!

How To Share YouTube Video On Instagram?

To share a YouTube video on Instagram, you are going to need AiSchedul. Without beating around the bush, let’s see how it works and get this job done right away.

  1. First of all, Sign up to AiSchedul. This platform offers you a bunch of handy features, and it is free forever.
  2. Later, add your IG to it. It is worth mentioning that you can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Add as many accounts as you want

3. Then click “Manage Account.”

Click “Manage Account”

4. Afterward, on the “Posts & Scheduling” tab,  click on the “Schedule” button and select IGTV.

Select IGTV

5. Later copy the link of the YouTube video and paste it in the “Convert YouTube” blank. Wait for a second or two till it gets uploaded.

It gets uploaded in less than 3 seconds

6. Now scroll down. The title and description are entered by default (according to the YouTube video.) You can edit or just leave them be.

Don’t forget to “Post A Preview”

7. It is time to find hashtags. AiSchedul has a built-in hashtag generator tool that offers the top hashtags of each niche, demonstrating the volume of the search.

hashtag generator of AiSchedul

8. At last, schedule the video or just publish.

AiSchedul is capable of scheduling IGTV.

Normally IGTV videos are edited and published on PC, so AiSchedul is designed to be manageable on PC. But if you find apps more convenient, you can download AiSchedul from Play Store and manage your IG on your cellphone.

AiScheudul on Play Store

How To Share YouTube Video On Instagram Story?

To share YouTube video on Instagram, you should download the video from YouTube and then:

  1. On the “Post and Scheduling” tab, click the “Schedule” button, but this time select “Story”

Pick “Story”

2. Now upload the downloaded video. It will be published in multiple stories.

3. You can add hashtags, location, or tag people on it.

how to hashtag an IG story

4. Now schedule the story and done.

Price Of AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler, but AiSchedul offers two affordable paid plans at $7 and $23 per month for users who seek more.

Plans and Pricing of AiSchedul

Before You Go

If you want to upload a YouTube video on Instagram, you can download it and upload it to IGTV. But it is more convenient to just paste the link of the video on Instagram posts.

AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler tool that enables you to share YouTube videos on Instagram without downloading.

AiSchedul offers other features such as;

  • Scheduling IGTV, stories, and posts
  • Finding the top hashtags on the platform
  • Listening to what users have to say about you on Instagram
  • Monitoring rivals
  • Mass deleting IG posts
  • And more

Above all, it is free, so why not subscribe to it?

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